Instructions for use Hondrocream

The manufacturer has established a series of situations in which it is possible to apply the cream. As used in this order:

  1. In its place, where is more evident the syndrome of pain (muscle, joint or tendon), apply a thin layer of the tool. You must use the massage movements. Apply only to dry skin and not take in within an hour.
  2. After the application, it is recommended to impose нетугую a bandage to protect against future injuries.
  3. Apply the cream should be three times in the morning, afternoon, and night.


Use cream for the prevention and treatment. Recommended for use in patients of advanced age, athletes and the people who come out of any injury or suffer from diseases that cause pain syndromes in the soft tissues or joints. To use the ointment, not only in the case of illness or injury. Ideal product for the use of young people who suffer from muscle mass and joint pains, due to the need to sit in the same position (long-term use of the computer), the regular exercise of loading.

This cream is considered one of the most effective means not only in the process of treatment of the majority of the lesions, but also for prevention. It is used to prevent the development of arthritis, destructively-дистрофического diseases of the joints, degenerative disc disease, and so on, the Use of the drug allows to achieve these results:

Indications for the use of Hondrocream
  • it eases the pain syndrome in different injuries and diseases, that in one way or another influence the proper functioning of the muscles, joints, bones, and tendons;
  • it prevents the destruction of the soft and хрящевых of the tissues, accelerates the process of recovery;
  • returns the normal functioning of the damaged areas of the body;
  • the improvement of the processes of change, even after the traumatic exposure;
  • with the help of the components in the composition of the act unnecessarily tension returns to the muscle tone;
  • it removes the swelling, speeds up recovery in the treatment of various diseases and rehabilitation after injuries;
  • relieves конвульсивное muscle tension, prevents the occurrence of seizures;
  • matching of the blood vessels.

Cream effectively complies with the tolerance for pain syndrome, caused by different diseases and injuries. It is used for the treatment of patients of different ages, so that it can be considered a versatile option when necessary, the regular use of the cream, able to help traumatic injury.


The cream is not recommended in only two cases — the patient has of individual intolerance to any of the components in the composition or 5 years.