Experience in the use of Hondrocream

The story has sent david, who have suffered a serious injury and deal with the consequences, thanks to the use of Hondrocream.

Hello. I wanted to share with you my experience of recovery after a small "accident" that has happened to me at the time bike. As a result of a collision with another cyclist " I've received several bruises and traction. As I have намечались amateur competition, and the doctor will not recommended to completely charge the body after the incident, I needed a quick result and without consequences. Improvements has been to really get a record time thanks Hondrocream.

How to deal with persistent pain?

The situation was impossible — the doctor in the regular consultation continued to advise rest, and the hoped-for date all approached. I've decided that, even if you do not поучаствую, проедусь with you all so exactly. But to do this it was necessary to speed up recovery and remove the pain. Contusions gave complications in the joints, so move it I could only with long breaks. Until not helped my girl (doctor), held in practices in the other end of the city, so that he could not be near each time, when I needed help.

She told me to ask friends, lovers of biking with me, as they get rid of the pain in the muscles and joints when permanent training or after an injury. The survey gave a result — so I learned the Hondrocream.

Consultation with the doctor

Use the ointment immediately after the recommendation that they are not. In the first place, he is afraid of the side effects. In the second place, it would have to consult with the doctor to rule out the possibility you are hypersensitive components and the typical "do no harm to himself." After short reflection, the specialist gave well and I have won Hondrocream.

The doctor recommended not to focus only in the ointment, as well as any quick result of a product may not be. Therefore, I resorted to the measures at the global level, did not rule out, even, the procedures by which three times a week, he had to go to the hospital.

The result of the Hondrocream

The result did wait a long time. I was able to get rid of настырной the pain, the unpleasant sensations of the damages that they caused severe inconveniences. It was difficult for Me to follow, but after using the cream managed to free the girl of the need to accompany me in the shower (rather clumsy, I'm not used to this type).

I should point out that the instruction must be followed exactly, not forgetting that the entire load on the member concerned to give you complications in the future, and overload the body in general is not recommended during the recovery time. Every day rubbing the cream on bruises, I had the opportunity to accelerate the recovery, although he had himself, taking into account the recommendations of the doctor.

The effectiveness of the tool

As I have already said, the miracle of the wait time was not. In a complex with all the statements of the procedures and rich in vitamins of energy, the help of my girl, that every day he has supported me and helped, I was able to fully recover and return to previous mobility of the legs. Already after the full recovery, I've spent some time used the ointment in the prevention as for the next bike rides do not have ordinary of the injury, and I must say that this has helped me not to fall in the well-known травматологу again after the fall on the ice after six months of that "accident".

Ointment acts, and does so very quickly. I can recommend to all their acquaintances, увлекающимся sport, and those who have experienced the consequences of a simple fall.